Phone Grading Definitions for New & Refurbished Phones

A cell phone does not need to be brand-new to be fully functional. In fact, you can usually get a refurbished model for a lower price without sacrificing functionality. But it’s important to understand the phone condition so that you know what to expect when you open the package.

Like New

Like New - Scratch less devices with no signs of use. Thoroughly cleaned and tested for functionality, like new devices look new and offer fantastic value compared to a brand new device.


Best value for money. Minor scratches or scuffs not visible at arms length. Thoroughly cleaned and tested to meet OEM guidelines. These devices are rated 9/10 and never disappoint. For Apple iPhone 8 models and older, 85% is the minimum battery health allowed under this grade. For iPhone X and over, 80% or over battery health is acceptable. *Batteries fully tested for reliability.


These devices go for throw away prices quite literally! They work 100% but don't look so good naked. Chuck on a cover and a tempered glass though and you'll be laughing! Thoroughly cleaned and tested, Grade B devices are exceptional value for money. *Batteries fully tested for reliability.

*INCLUDES: charger + cable With all the grade.