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Ear Pod


  • General Model Name : In pods 12 Earphone
  • Stereo : v5.0 with Touch Sensor
  • Color : Blue Headphone
  • Type : In the Ear Inline
  • Remote : Yes
  • Sales Package : 1* Pair Bluetooth Headset, 1*Charging Cable, 1*User Manual Connectivity Bluetooth
  • Headphone Design : Ear Clip
  • Accessories Included : Charging Case, USB Charging Cable, User Manual
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Bluetooth Pairing- for the first time, when the earphones are turned off, the two earphones press the switch button for about 3 seconds until the two lights are on , and at the same time release your hands and empty all pairing information and enter ear-to ear pairing the left ear is the main ear next boot takes only a long time press 2 to 3 seconds light on and turn on, then two headphones can match quickly long press iOS device to down for phone under the bluetooth mode, open the earphone case, there will be a window showing up, click the connect button to pair android phone under the bluetooth mode, opne the earphone case before searching for 12 when 12 found, click to connect, Bluetooth Usage- connection status of all device left ear short press play pause/listen hang up, long press reject, double click to adjust the volume, long press 2 seconds next song, three click siri right ear short press play pause/listen hang-up long press reject, double click callback, long press 2 seconds next song

2 reviews for Ear Pod

  1. yambamobile

    Amazing product with good battery backup

  2. yambamobile

    worth every Penney

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